Holy crap, Page 7 took longer than expected…

Hey! Hot damn, that make-over for Page 7 took a lot more time than anticipated. Like, WAAAAAY longer. Please let me know what you think, and if there is anything that doesn’t quite seem up to par. My goal was to look over the whole comic after I re-did page 7. I did a skim through and overall here is my conclusion!

I’m really fucking tired, lol. I really want to make the beginning more up to my standards and totally spruced to perfection, but man, I really just want to progress the story and move forward. This re-vamp of page 7 just totaled me. Since the day I made that post to now, I have probably only taken 3 days off where I haven’t worked on it. If I do make any touch-ups, they’ll be light. Page 3 is the only page I am considering completely revamping like I did Page 7 (and it would not take as nearly as much time… hopefully.)

If you are reading this comic and following it, thank you. It means more to me than you realize. I will be trying to be more consistent with my posts on this here comic, but that will mean that posts will probably be shorter than these ones I have made before. I’m taking a vacay in April, 10 days. I will most likely pack my laptop and a drawing tablet so I can work on the comic, but not 100% yet, we’ll see. other than that vacation, I will be taking an hour a day off for another little thing that I hope flourishes into something special, but only time will tell.

To sum things up, what do I want YOU to come away with once you leave this update post?

1 – I will not be messing too much with past pages, with the possible exception of page 3. This is so the story can progress forward.

2 – I will probably be making posts shorter so I may be able to post more frequently and consistently (May try introducing a schedule and deadline, we’ll see.)

3 – If you actually liked my comic and want to see more, nothing would make me happier and thank you so much!

Hope to see you soon with Page 10!


One reply on “Holy crap, Page 7 took longer than expected…”

ALSO! the ability to comment on Page 7 part 1 – 3 has been removed only because I don’t know how to change the colour of the font for comments for specific posts and if you try now it basically makes the comments invisible. It’s just black in general for all of them, apologies
: (
(If I can fix it, I’ll make it so others can comment on those particular pages)


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