On Hiatus no longer! (Making changes)

I know there are probably only three people that will see this, but for those three people here is an update! Lily goes to hell is back on track baby! in a way…

I’m looking over the web-comic as a whole. I’m not going to be changing too much for the first 5 pages, however page 7? That is getting revamped. Page 7 feels like a vomit of words and information. SOOOoooo, I’m going to be splitting page 7 into 3 smaller digestible parts and focusing on what needs to be communicated in order for the story to progress. New panels will also be needed to be made to achieve this so it’s going to take some time. This isn’t a new page, but I feel that this revamp for Page 7 is going to be much healthier for the comic in the long run.

BUT – I really am looking forward to working on the new page! I have a new track for a certain event I’ve been dying to work on too! If you happened to have stumbled on this comic and somehow want to read more after the info vomit that was Page 7 – I salute you and promise that I will have more soon. (You may want to re-read PAGE 7 as some things will have changed, but overall it’s the same so if you don’t feel like it, it should be good to just continue on)

I will make another post once we are back on track of making Page 10. Rock on strangers! _\m/

One reply on “On Hiatus no longer! (Making changes)”

Hey! I have no idea if anyone will see this, but if you do, Page 7 Revamped is almost finished! Once that is done, I will be splitting workload a little between PAGE 10 and Doing light revamps on Prior pages (Page 3 may have a little more of a touch up than the others) but it will be no where near as long as the page 7 revamp, that is for sure. Once completely finished, I will make another update post. Dear god, this thing has been taking me forever. I am really excited about Page 7 and it’s new direction, I hope you enjoy it soon!


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